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  Mission Statement  


West Pines Elementary Mission Statement

To provide a safe, effective learning environment for all students, and to elevate their ethical behavior through a character education program.


  About The School  


West Pines School is located in a rural setting at 3500 West Pines Road in northern Greene County. The school is located approximately one mile from Interstate 81, which gives easy access to the Tri Cities area. The current facility was built in 1961 at a time when consolidation of small schools occurred in our school system. Additional classrooms were built in 1963 and 1998. A new middle school gymnasium was built in 1983. Currently, mobile units house the library, and art/music room. All rooms at West Pines are occupied. A new computer lab was added in 2003. The Title teacher is in charge of the lab and students use the lab twice a week. In 2005, West Pines was recommended for accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


School Profile


School Profile

The brick building is divided into two sections. The original structure houses grades K-4 and the new section contains grades 5-8. The gymnasium is an equal distance from both parts. The school is considered to be environmentally safe with no pollution or industry close by. The facility meets all fire and safety codes. The faculty, staff, and visitors are aware of all safety codes and every effort is made to insure fire, safety, and lock down procedures are followed. West Pines Elementary School is considered to be in great physical condition. The teachers decorate not only their rooms, but the halls with students work. The principal insures all maintenance work is reported and fixed within ample time. Based on parent surveys, most stake holders agree that West Pines provides a climate that is conducive to learning and an atmosphere that is comfortable and learning centered. The School Board is currently accepting bids for the addition of a new library.The anticipated completion date is Fall of 2006.




The vision of West Pines Elementary School is:

  • to provide engaging learning experiences.
  • to emphasize high expectations and personal well-being.
  • to create an atmosphere of trust and respect for individual differences.
  • to promote continuous improvement and life-long learning.
  • to be a source of pride to our community.




At West Pines Elementary School we believe:

  • students will have different learning styles and abilities.
  • teachers will provide instructional strategies that actively engage the students and facilitate the students' ownership of their learning.
  • teachers will utilize the best instructional strategies and decisions based on research driven data to meet Common Core standards.
  • teachers will set high performance expectations that will increase the potential for students' academic proficiency.
  • teachers, parents, students, and the community will share the responsibility for education with continuous communication within all stakeholders.
  • assessment will be an on-going integrated component of the learning and teaching environment.
  • students will have opportunities to make appropriate decisions to practice self-discipline and develop good character.
  • school policies and decisions will be made through collaboration and school improvement committees that are representative of all stakeholders.


Parent/School Compact


West Pines

Parent - School Compact


Dear Parent/Guardian:


We value your role in working to help your child achieve high academic standards. The following is an outline of some of the ways you and school faculty/staff can build and maintain a partnership to share the responsibility for supporting your child’s learning.


School’s Responsibility:


·         Provide high quality curriculum and learning materials in a safe and effective learning environment.

·         Provide you with assistance in understanding academic achievement standards/ assessments and how to monitor your child’s progress

·         Provide opportunities for ongoing communication between you and teachers through, at a minimum:

§  Three parent-teacher conferences.

§  Frequent reports regarding your child’s progress (interim reports and report cards)

§  Opportunities to talk with faculty/staff, volunteer in class, and observe classroom activities.

§  Maintain the school’s website with current calendar of events

§  Monthly school newsletter

§  Teacher newsletter (optional)


Parent’s Responsibility:


  • Encourage      your child to attend school regularly
  • Encourage      your child to show positive school behavior
  • Review           your child’s homework
  • Monitor           television watching and encourage positive use of your child’s extracurricular      time
  • Volunteer        in your child’s school and classroom if time or schedule permits
  • Attend            parent-teacher conferences and participate, when appropriate, in decisions      relating to the education of your child
  • Attend            WP Academic and Athletic Support Group Meetings


Please review this School-Parent Compact with your child. This School-Parent Compact may be discussed with you during a parent-teacher conference as it relates to your child’s school progress.


Thank you for your support and involvement in your child’s education. Please contact the persons below for more information.


Mr. Allen Cobble, Principal


Teacher: ___________________                                            Telephone:234-8022                          


Email Address: ______________


Parent Involvement


Parent Involvement Plan


West Pines Elementary School



West Pines Elementary School Parent/Family Involvement Plan


Implementation of this plan is intent on providing in-depth support to ensure understanding and implementation of Federal, State, and local standards for family engagement at West Pines Elementary School. This plan has been developed by a coordinated effort of representatives from the faculty, staff, parent advisory board, and student advisory board.


This plan is a living document. The parent advisory board, student advisory board, and faculty will meet in the fall and spring to review and update the plan.


I.     School Technical Assistance and Support


A.      The principal will serve as the advisor in all aspects of family and community engagement. The principal’s responsibility includes the following:


1.      Schedule parent advisory, student advisory, and faculty meetings to discuss parent involvement.

2.      Coordinate Parenting Fair

3.      Encouragement of parents to participate in school activities.

4.      Encouragement of students and staff to attend WPAASG meetings.

5.      Provide assistance to parents who are in need.


B.       Insure that 1% of Title I funds are spent on parent involvement activities. Small tokens of appreciation are given for attending WPSO, Booster Club, Parent Advisory Board, and other school related activities.


II.               Sharing information with parents:


A.      West Pines Elementary School Parent Involvement Plan will be posted on the school website. The plan will be distributed at WPSO meetings, Booster Club meetings, and Parent Advisory Board meetings.

B.       Student Achievement- It is the policy of the Greene County School system that parents will receive frequent student performance reports. Grade reports will be issued for each nine week period to the parents of each student. Mid-term 4 and one-half week reports will be issued to parents. The parent of all students involved in Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment program (TCAP) will receive home reports in a timely manner upon receipt from the state department.

C.       School Performance- Report of West Pines Elementary performance in the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) will be publicized using the following methods:

1.      WPAASG meetings

2.      Parent Advisory Board

3.      State Website

4.      Local news media

5.      School news letter


D.      Meetings and Activities- Opportunities for parent participation will be advertised using a combination of the following activities:

1.      Newsletters or notes home

2.      School Website

3.      Local news media

4.      School announcements

5.      WPAASG meetings


E.       Access to Children’s Official Records- Board policy 6.209 directs schools to provide student records in the following method. Parent or guardian shall have the right to receive information contained in school records concerning their  minor child. The board unless informed otherwise assumes there are no restrictions regarding the non-custodial parents right to be kept informed of the student’s progress and activities. If restrictions are made relevant to the right of the non-custodial parent the custodial parent shall be requested to submit a certified copy of the court order which curtails these specific rights. This policy is accessible on the district website and a copy is located at each school.


F.        Curriculum Assessment and Proficiency Levels


1.      The curriculum for each grade is accessible on both the district and state website. The curriculum description is referenced to standard performance objectives which are linked to the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP).

2.      Assessment

a.      Home information pamphlets are issued to each child before administration of Tennessee Writing Assessment and before the Achievement Test for elementary students.

b.     School and District newsletters advertise upcoming assessments and their content.


3.      The grading system for the Greene County School system is defined in local board policy and by the State Board of Education. This information is made available to parents via student handbooks, newsletters, report cards, and on the system/school websites.



III.       Defined programs, activities, and training for the involvement for parents at all schools.


A.      The following activities are listed as requirements for west Pines School.

1.      Open House- To give parents the opportunity to tour the school and meet the faculty and staff.

2.      Parent- Teacher Conferences- The system will schedule three open sessions per year. The school is encouraged to respond to parent’s needs in meeting at anytime convenient to the parent-family member.

3.      Schools will assist and participate in the formation and operation of a parent/ teacher organization.

4.      Each school and the system will have a parent advisory committee. This committee will meet at least 4 times per year.


B.       Parents will be provided with packet information that will include at least the following:

1.      School-year calendar

2.      Student Discipline Policy

3.      Homework Policy

4.      Attendance Policy

5.      Grading Scale

6.      No Child Left Behind required notifications:

a.      Title I eligibility

b.     AYP Status

c.      Rights of parents to request information of “Teacher Qualifications”

d.     Right to exclude access of student records from Military Recruiters.



C.       The school will notify parents by school newsletter of training available from the district in the following subjects:

1.      Training for school leadership teams for implementation of No Child Left Behind requirements in Parent Involvement.

2.      Strategies for involving parents in parent-teacher organizations.

3.      Strategies for involving parents in school for the school staff. (In-service or staff development)

4.      East Tennessee Title I Conference slots available for school staff members.


D.      Annual Greeneville/Greene County Parenting Fair. This venue offers a liaison atmosphere for schools, staff, and parents.


IV.  The following strategies are listed to improve homework, attendance, and discipline at West Pines School.


A.      Homework

1.      Parent/Teacher E-mail

2.      Notes and letters from teachers

3.      Personal contact by teachers or parents

4.      Parent/Teacher conference

5.      School Carrying cards

6.      Assignment books


B.       Attendance

1.      School attendance policy requires parent contact upon absence.

2.      Students are required to bring note from home or doctor upon returning to school.

3.      System intervention specialist works closely with West Pines School in matters of attendance and parent notification.

4.      Five and ten day letters are sent home to encourage and inform parents of students with excessive absences.

5.      School gives away two bicycles per year for perfect attendance.



C.       Discipline

1.      The system discipline policy is available on line, in student handbook, and a copy is maintained at all schools.

2.      An alternative school is available for students with discipline problems.

3.      West Pines School uses in-school suspension in order to keep students at school as much as possible.

4.      West Pines School uses the Character Counts program as an educational model to promote good citizenship.



V.               Parents can learn about the course of study for their children and learning materials through the following methods:

1.       The Greene County School System webpage

2.       The Parent Advisory Board

3.       Open houses and WPAASG Meetings

4.       School newsletters

5.       Information through handouts about the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP)


VI. West Pines School will make every effort to help parents with limited English disability and migrants to insure they have access to the parent involvement plan, school, and school system information and performance reports written in an understandable format. These special accommodations will be made and addresses on a case by case bases.